3 Tampilan Meghan Markle dalam Balutan Navy dalam Sepekan, Apa Maknanya?

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Gaya Busana Meghan Markle
Meghan Markle saat menghadiri pernikahan Putri Eugenie (Foto: Gareth Fuller / POOL / AFP)

Liputan6.com, Jakarta - Warna bisa berbicara tentang suatu keadaan seseorang. Salah satunya dialami oleh Meghan Markle. Saat kunjungannya ke Negara Kanguru ini, ia mulai merasa perubahan atas warna kesukaannya. Belum lama ini, Istri Pangeran Harry sering terlihat mengenakan busana berwarna biru navy.

Navy, menjadi pilihan warna terbaru yang disukai Duchess of Sussex. Menurut salamadian.com, warna navy, merupakan kombinasi warna tersier, yang memiliki arti profesionalitas, memiliki kecerdasan, dan rasa percaya diri penuh.

Istri Pangeran Harry itu terlihat mengenakan busana biru navy saat menghadiri pernikahan Putri Eugenie. Ia mengenakan gaun navy dan mantel warna senada dari salah satu rumah mode ternama dunia, Givenchy.

Penampilannya dilengkapi dengan topi dari Noel Stewart. Tak lupa, Meghan juga mengenakan sepatu hak tinggi dari Manolo Blahnik.



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Detail Ruffle

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Today, The Duke and Duchess are in Melbourne, Australia where they will be carrying out a series of engagements. Today’s engagement starts around thirty minutes late after a truck in the planned route lost its load. The Duchess is wearing a navy blue dress by Australian designer Dion Lee and a trench coat by Martin Grant. • The Duke and Duchess will participate in a short walkabout to Government House; where they will be meeting members of the public. • Their Royal Highnesses will attend an official Reception at Government House. While there they will be meeting a diverse group of young Victoria leaders and community members, including Queen’s Young Leader Hunter Johnson from The Man Cave. • Following the Reception at Government House, The Duke and Duchess will visit a social enterprise cafe which offers leadership, mentoring and training programmes for young Aboriginal people. •In the afternoon, Their Royal Highnesses will visit a primary school to meet students who are involved in sustainability programmes. Upon departure, Their Royal Highnesses will travel on the iconic Melbourne tram to South Melbourne beach. • At South Melbourne beach, The Duke and Duchess will meet volunteers from a local beach patrol programme. Well there, they will learn about efforts to keep Port Phillip bay beaches and foreshores clear of litter to reduce negative impact on the marine environment.

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Meghan kembali mengenakan busana biru navy pada hari ketiga kunjungannya di Australia. Gaun panjang dengan detail ruffle dengan belahan di bagian depan membalut tubuhnya yang kini berbadan dua.

Meski sedang hamil, Meghan tak ragu mengenakan gaun tanpa lengan yang dirancang oleh desainer Australia, Dion Lee. Menyempurnakan penampilannya, ia mengenakan sepatu hak tinggi dari Manolo Blahnik. Sekali waktu, ia menambahkan mantel coklat Martin Grant yang beberapa kali dipakainya.

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Today The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were back in Sydney, where they carried out a series of engagements. They began their day off at Bondi Beach, one of Australia’s most iconic landmarks. The couple arrived at 8 am; where they were presented with colourful leis, Harry joked he felt “under-dressed”. Their Royal Highnesses met a local surfing community known as OneWave, a community that raised awareness of mental health and wellbeing in a fun and engaging way. While there, they participated in “Fluro Friday anti bad vibes” session, where people of all ages share their personal experiences with mental health issues, and have the opportunity to interact with others well enjoying surfing and yoga. Afterwords, Meghan met up with another mum Charlotte Waverley: “She told me that pregnancy was like having jet lag. She said she was up at 4:30 am this morning doing yoga in her room as she couldn’t sleep. It’s a bit of a double whammy for her, as she has both the baby and jet lag to contend with.” Once Meghan and Harry left, Grant Trebilco - the founder of OneWave - said: “It is such an honour to welcome The Duke and Duchess of Sussex to our One Wave community. For five years, we have used bright colours at beaches all over the world to raise awareness of mental health. Just like the ocean, mental health doesn’t discriminate. It’s ok not to be ok. Mental health is real, so let’s talk about it. We would love more support to help us grow our work beyond the beach and change more lives.” Next, Their Royal Highnesses visited MacArthur Girls High school; where they saw being done by students in human rights, social justice and women’s empowerment. While there, they saw a student dance met representatives. Talking to the teens about part-time jobs, Meghan recalled hers saying: “My first job when I was 14, I remember taking out the trash, all sorts. It gives you a good work ethic, right?” Finally, The Duke of Sussex climbed The Sydney Harbour Bridge along with Australian Prime Minister, The Honourable Scott Morrison MP, and Invictus competitors to officially raise The Invictus Flags.

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Selang sehari, Meghan kembali mengenakan gaun panjang berwarna navy dari Roksanda. Potongan simpel dan rok lurus membuat tubuhnya terlihat langsing. Ia tampil modern dan elegan saat berbicara dengan sejumlah siswa perempuan tentang pentingnya kekuatan pemudi dalam pendidikan. 


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